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Understanding, retaining and using information.

Creative Thoughts



Comprehension and utilization of language for communication.

Girls Talking



Effectively planning, initiating and completing tasks.


Where Language, Life
and Function Come Together

CogniCoach gives innovative tips and strategies to

power through cognitive-linguistic (thinking-talking) difficulties

associated with daily stress and mental illness.

Cognitive-Linguistic Challenges

Cog-ling challenge home pg

Are you:

  • Feeling isolated and misunderstood?

  • Having difficulties initiating tasks?

  • Tired of explaining and re-explaining?

  • Sick of the constant nagging?

  • Confused by what they say they want?

  • Struggling to stay focused?

  • Mad that you forget to feed the cat?

  • Frustrated that “simple” is difficult?

  • Feeling like they treat you different?

  • Exhausted and overwhelmed?

Are you:

  • Feeling powerless/helpless?

  • Tired of asking and just do it yourself?

  • Often guessing what they want?

  • Resentful of the constant reminders?

  • Tired of explaining and re-explaining?

  • Hoping they finish what they start?

  • Frustrated with their poor memory?

  • Tired of always having to help?

  • Walking on eggshells?

  • Exhausted and overwhelmed?



Reliable Tips and Strategies to:

  • Increase effective communication.

  • Develop realistic and achievable goals.

  • Match words to body language.

  • Establish an achievable routine.

  • Say what you mean-mean what you say.

  • Increase focus and attention to task.

  • Expand reliable memory.

  • Develop effective problem solving skills.

  • Reduce the stress and tension.

  • Power through.



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