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CogniCoach is a community of support and education that strives to provide resources and strategies to power through cognitive-linguistic (thinking-talking) difficulties associated with daily stress and mental illness. CogniCoach's approach is unique and action-oriented. You will discover strategies to change your life now. Because sometimes life is hard.

Who will benefit from CogniCoach?


Read more about CogniCoach in our Welcome post. 

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Top 7 Benefits of CogniCoach


We often hear, “Just do it,” or “He has to do it for himself.” You wouldn’t tell a person diagnosed with cancer to, “Just deal with it,” or a person who lost a leg in a car accident to, “Just use a prosthetic.” If you can’t think effectively - it’s hard to be functional. 


Successful functioning is dependent on effective communication.                 Effective communication is contingent on fluid cognition.         


CogniCoach will help you discover powerful techniques to improve your communication skills right now.  




Robyn’s education in psychology combined with a career as a cognitive-linguistic therapist (speech-language pathologist) gives you a fresh point of view. People with mental illness are more likely to have difficulties with communication, problem solving, taking perspective, and executive functions (planning, organizing or memory).


Cognitive stress makes thinking and reasoning more difficult.

CogniCoach will show you exclusive methods to immediately solve difficult problems.





You will find information and resources from peer-reviewed research related to cognitive-linguistic aspects of mental illness.


CogniCoach will give you proven tips for quick results.


blog category with informational materials and strategies related to cognitive-linguistic (thinking-talking) difficulties and mental illness. Discussions on how various aspects of cognitive stress impacts daily functioning such as reasoning, word retrieval, communication and memory.

CogniCoach will show you research driven tips and strategies to help you create solutions today.



A blog category with discussions related to emotions and reactions related to cognitive-linguistic difficulties and mental illness.

*Please be aware that powerful emotions often evoke PG-13 language.

Together we will explore where thought, communication, and emotions           intersect.


A blog category containing interviews and guest posts navigating experiences and coping techniques related to communication, cognitive stress, mental health, and mental illness.



Informational and experiential posts associated with anxiety, depression, executive functions, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dissociation, and dissociative identity disorder (DID). This section is written from the perspectives of being a survivor and living with a survivor.


Art and Poetry

Sketches, poetry, paintings and merchandise seen throughout the blog and website are the work of Brian P. Murray. His art is eclectic and are reflective of the difficulties associated with mental illness.

Coming Soon


Information contained in this website and blog is for informational purposes only. CogniCoach is written and managed by Robyn, a licensed speech-language pathologist, writing under the CogniCoach title. Statements are her thoughts and opinions and should NOT be used to diagnose or treat any disorders related to cognition, mental illness or communication. This site operates with strong ethical considerations including: 1) research credit will be given when information is retrieved from other sources, 2) strict confidentiality will be upheld unless permission is given in writing. Persons making comments or 3rd party blog submissions wave confidentiality rights. The information contained in this site is NOT linear.

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