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Welcome to CogniCoach - Where Language, Life and Function Come Together

Are you or someone you love feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with day to day activities? Do you feel like no one understands? You're not alone. Keep reading to discover how you can bring language, life and function together to create a positive change in your life.

As I hacked through the dense forest of life, I found myself supporting friends, family, and clients in a variety of unexpected ways.

Eventually, I realized that my advanced education in psychology woven together with my career in speech-language pathology gave me a different perspective.

My understanding of the cognitive-linguistic difficulties associated with every day stress and chronic mental illness is unique.


What is "cognitive-linguistic"?

  • Cognitive is anything to do with thinking.

  • Linguistic is everything related to language.

--->Both are necessary for successful day to day functioning. #ThinkTalkDo

Who am I?

Family, friends, and experience define who I am today. I am a survivor and the partner of a survivor. I work hard to be a good listener, talk to my cats, find nature therapeutic, and I cry easily.

My career as a speech-language pathologist (#SLP) gave me the expertise to diagnose and treat both cognitive-linguistic and communication disorders.

Cognitive-linguistic disorders include difficulties with:

  • Memory

  • Processing information

  • Reasoning

  • #ExecutiveFunction (attention, organization and planning)

  • Impulse control

  • Judgement

  • Problem solving

Communication disorders include difficulties with:

  • Receptive Language (understanding and following directions).

  • Expressive Language (effectively communicating wants and needs).

  • Pragmatic Language (appropriately navigating verbal and non-verbal language in social situations).

Advanced education in psychology provided me with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Differentiate normal and disordered cognition.

  • Understand, predict, and manage behavior.

  • Determine motivations.

  • Recognize the power of emotions.

  • Examine self-regulation.

  • Identify perceptions.​

Personal and professional experience granted me the ability to mesh the two together in a unique way.